Aluminium Fluid Pan for BMW DCT and M-DCT

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Mojo Power Aluminum Transmission Fluid Pan
This is whole new Mojo Power Aluminum Transmission Fluid Pan designed byHTD-Performance. BMW transmission’s fluid pan is an important component thatstores and supplies ATF to your transmission. While the stock transmissionFluid pan may provide an adequate function under normal driving condition, theoil temperature gets easily higher under enthusiastic driving.
The Mojo Power Transmission Fluid Pan is CNC machined from high quality 6061-T6aluminum, which is stronger and get longevity than the stock transmission fluidpan. Also, compared to stock one, aluminum is better at heat transfer. Forinstalling a transmission temperature gauge, we reserve a sensor plug. The heatis dissipated from the transmission fluid faster by enlarging the exteriorcooling fins, keeping the transmission temperatures lower.

Made in Taiwan
CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
Enlarged exterior cooling fins
Titanium burn color
Sensor plug reserved
100% fitment
ATF pan filter, gasket, drain plug, bolts and nuts are allincluded. 
(only re-utilizing stock ring magnet)
Extremely high resistance to corrosion, resulting in longerlasting and better looking

This Mojo Power Aluminum Transmission Fluid Pan is suitable with BMW: DCT,M-DCT
E82 E88-135i (DCT ONLY)
E90 E92 E93-335i/335is (DCTONLY)
E90 E92 E93-M3
E89-Z4 35i/35is (DCT ONLY)
F82 F83-M4

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